Dryer vent cleaning

Simple Joys offers this beneficial service at a reasonable price, especially when coupled with another service, to help make your Dryer Vent & Fans more efficient, safe, and energy efficient.
We use a rotary tool to thoroughly clean the duck, lint trap, & fan area, and collect debris.

Average pricing

1st Vent = $125 * Up to 15 feet long, can be a little more if longer
Commercial, Apartments, Condos, Townhomes = $75*

Things that can increase the price: Needing to get behind dryer, hard to access. Needing to access attic, steep roofs, high vents, birds and droppings, extra longs pipes. We assume the vent tubing is all secured and can handle being cleaned without coming apart, which is almost always the case. Extra charges can apply if duct isn’t secure and needs to be reaffixed, assuming we can access it.

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