Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is our pride and joy! Simple, clean, and elegant, Window Cleaning can make the shining difference to your homes appearance and upkeep. We wash your windows by hand and use Professional tools for Professional results!

Window pricing is per pane + trip charge, not window, or grouping of panes. For exterior only multiply by .6 or 60% + trip charge. Pricing is for regularly cleaned windows with little or no scrapping needed, and easy access.

Window Cleaning Pricing In & Out


In the picture above, there are 5 panes.

In the picture above, there are 12 panes.

Normal Panes

Story Price
1st story (can reach top of window standing)
$4.50 per pane average
2nd story $5.50 per pane average
3rd story $7 per pane average

French Panes

Story Price
1st story (can reach top of window standing)
2nd story $1.50
3rd story $1.70


Options Price
water wash, you take out
water wash, we take out, need access inside $5.00
brush, you take out $1.50
brush, we take out, need access inside $3.00


  Skylight – each pane, exterior

Skylights Price
1st one
additional skylights $8.00

* Trip charge is $70, can be more for greater than average travel time.
Things that increase price
* Window panes that need scrapping steel wooling or are just extra dirty, very often if it’s been over a year since cleaned
* Oversized windows (can’t reach whole pane without moving = more than one pane, or just generally larger than average panels)
* Paint overspray, if specifically asked for scrapping to remove, we use scratch resistant blades especially for glass, and are as careful as possible, but cannot take responsiblity if their is any scratching, which would be incredibly rare but still possible.
* Difficult to access, trees, furniture, roofs, steep, etc
* Construction cleanup, minimum double the price, or more generally 3 times or more depending on dirtiness, and stickers.
***Please warn us of any window coverings so they don’t get damaged

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