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Park & Ride

In Mercer Island, Washington, the Park & Ride is a prominent transit center. Seattle commuters may skip driving and parking at this park-and-ride. For a stress-free commute, Mercer Island Park & Ride is a must-visit.

The park-and-ride has approximately 1,000 parking spaces, making it easier for commuters to park. Commuters can also access buses and light rail at the Mercer Island Transportation Center from the facility. For early or late workers, the facility is open 24/7.

Carpooling and vanpooling are popular at Mercer Island Park & Ride, which also provides transportation. Carpools and vanpools can plan rides and save money at the facility’s allotted parking places.

Visitors love Mercer Island Park & Ride. The facility’s accessible location and reliable transit options allow guests to experience Seattle and the neighboring areas without driving or parking.

Mercer Island Park & Ride is a stress-free transportation center for commuters and visitors. For Mercer Island residents seeking easy transportation, it’s extensive parking, reliable transit, and handy location make it a must-visit.