Service Agreement

Sorry this isn’t needed for most of our customers, but we need to ask it from all !

I have read and understood the information on Simple Joys website for the service I am requesting and the procedures provided for that service. I have asked all pertinent question to make sure I understand the service and procedures being offered.

I am agreeing to have Simple Joys come out and provide the service requested.

I agree that I am authorized to have work done on the property requested, and take financial responsibility for the bill being paid since I am the one requesting it. If I am not the owner I agree I have gotten the owners permission, made the owner fully clear on the service being provided, procedures used, and date the service will be provided.

*I agree to pay when the job is done if I am present, or send a payment within 2 weeks of job being done if I am not there at the time of the job.

I agree to give 48 hour change or cancellation notice or Pay a $80 late change fee to help Simple Joys cover a portion of that lost time slot, and rescheduling.

Simple Joys reserves the right to pay bill with credit card on file if bill is not paid on time including all applicable late fees to help cover our costs for card not present processing and office work.

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to serving you.

Service Agreement

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