Gutter Guard Installation

We offer two affordable, strong yet light weight, Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Gutter guard systems for you to choose from. Both systems use high quality components and manufacturing processes.

There is a lot of hype out there about gutter guards and a lot of it just isn’t fully honest and over promises at a high cost. First not everyone will benefit from gutter guards at the going rate most companies charge, and second none of them are perfect for every situations without a little maintenance of the roof.

At Simple Joys we like to keep it simple so bought and studied all the varieties of gutters guards on our own roof, and by observing customers roofs, studying others results including review sites like consumer reports, and determined the micro mesh gutter guards to be the best, although not perfect (close), the most balanced overall gutter guard system. Not all Micro mesh gutter guards are made alike, and some cost up to $50 a linear foot while ours generally go from $12-15 a linear foot & for a little extra we offer an innovative valley water controller to prevent water overflow in valleys without putting flashing that will just build up debris much quicker like other companies. Pricing quotes assumes your gutter system is in proper operating condition and flowing correctly, without cleaning the gutters we can’t know that for an estimate unless obvious.

Rhino &Versa Guard are made in the USA! The mesh is fine enough to block pine needles and roof granules and big enough to allow pollen & dirt to wash through. The mesh is rolled into the product not pinched or glued so will not come apart, and the product itself comes with a 20 year no clog warranty. * specialty colors in the Versa Guard have an extra cost.

These are a very low maintenance products. The roof and valleys still need to be blown off, and the tops of the screens, mostly where less exposed to wind, might need to be blown off from time to time. If you can’t get on the roof or have a contractor like us quickly do it when we are out to do windows, roof or other service, you can just take a deck brush reversed on a pole and brush from the ground.

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