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Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave Sites

Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, Washington is the final resting place for both Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee. Legendary martial artists and actors Bruce and Brandon Lee had unforgettable performances in classic martial arts movies.

Martial arts legend Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco in 1940 but spent his formative years in Hong Kong. The famous martial arts flicks “Fists of Fury” and “Enter the Dragon,” in which he starred, catapulted him to international stardom after he relocated to the United States. In 1973, when he was only 32, he passed suddenly.

Brandon Lee, Bruce’s son, emulated his famous father’s acting career. He was a prolific actor, having roles in films like “Rapid Fire” and “The Crow,” and was considered by many to be among the best of his time. Brandon, only 28 years old, tragically passed away in 1993, while filming “The Crow.”

Numerous visitors visit Bruce and Brandon Lee’s graves every year to pay their respects and celebrate their lives and careers. Lake View Cemetery, a stunning spot atop a hill with a view of Lake Washington, is where you’ll find the graves. Take a quiet stroll through the cemetery and stop by the graves of these two historical personalities to pay your respects and think about their lives and legacies.

Traveling to the final resting places of martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee is an essential experience for movie and martial arts buffs. These graves are a sign of the influence that these two famous personalities had on the fields of martial arts and popular culture.