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Roof Moss Treating/Natural Cleaning done properly can be a Safe and effective way to extend the life of your roof while helping keeping your house looking in top shape.  We recommend the safest gentlest option to clean-treat your roof.  

Because of the fragile nature of the small rocks coating this kind of roof we offer light scrape and treatment process.  The scraping is only to pop off moss 1/2 inch or greater in height, the mechanical action, or what some call low pressure (pressure washing) needed to remove moss can also removes the roofing granules.  After scrapping we  blow off the roof, clean out the gutters, and lastly apply a Zinc Sulfate treatment to kill moss (sometimes on steep roofs we use a liquid treament).  We clean the gutters either by hand or blowing, and prefer blowing when possible as it is a little more thorough and can save you money if debris can be blown into beds and bushes- more likely when debris is dry and or you have fascia  board behind the gutters.  The Zinc treatment is in the form of a powder that washes down over the moss within the next few rains.  Then each time you have your gutters cleaned another zinc treatment can be applied if needed to keep the growth from coming back, without the need for scraping or blowing the moss.  It takes 1-6 months for the moss to shrivel up and or fall off.  The more bright green the moss is the more it tends to fall off over time, but all moss becomes much less noticeable and will eventually fall off, some roofs because of the type of moss, more than one treatment is needed for most of the moss to fall off, but it will look generally a lot better with a scrape and the moss scriveling up and dieing, and won't hurt the roof when dead.  The Zinc treatment we us is the standard treatment for roofs and lasts from 6 months - 5 years, or 1-2 years for the average house, accept in the case of areas that gutters drain directly onto the roof.  The Average size roof is about $280 with an average range of $200-400 for this option but can be more if you have a large or very mossy house, separate roofs, lots of gutters, and or been a while since done, with follow ups less and if done with another service like gutters very reasonable.  Condos and apartments vary so call for pricing.


Roof scrape, blow, clean gutter, apply Zinc Treatment

Composite shingles, have a small granular sand, in a tar base.  The tar base is mixed with limestone to thicken the tar, which sadly is a food for moss, mold, mildew, & Algae.  Couple this with wet moist weather of the northwest for a significant portion of the year and you have perfect condition for growth that can damage your composite roof by loosening the granules that protects the roof & tar. 


Light scrape for moss 1/2" or greater, blow, clean gutters, apply Zinc to kill remaining moss


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After light scrape, blow roof, clean gutters

After two months of rains

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